VIP Services

Home Consultations

In addition to medical excellence one of our driving principles is patient satisfaction and privacy. We have gone to great lengths to be able to offer initial consultations and the majority of our therapies by visiting the patients’ residence or in one of the 5-star hotels in Dubai that we have partnered with.


Medical Tourism

Furthermore, our international network of clinics allows us to perform all our surgeries in European cities so that our patients can combine their holidays with their treatment. As opposed to other centers, due to the excellence of our doctors, 90% of the surgical operations we perform do not require patient hospitalization, which makes our medical tourist packages very competitive. It goes without saying that we can offer all the traditional VIP services during your treatment in one of our clinics:
  • Greece – Athens
  • United Kingdom – London
  • Italy – Rome
Our doctors are also licensed to practice in Spain and we have partnered with local clinics in Mallorca and Marbella, where our doctors can travel to perform the surgeries.

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