Penis Enlargement


Since the beginning of time, a larger penis has been on the wish-list of a large proportion of the male population. With the advent of the Internet, a number of remedies are circulating online promising unrealistic results ranging from pumps to medical supplements. Unfortunately to-date, the only scientifically proven technique for successful penis enlargement, remains the surgical operation.
Penis enlargement operations have always been rather clandestine, in spite of the fact that tens of thousands of men worldwide have been successfully treated in the meantime. Aesthetic genital surgery for men has yet to gain widespread social acceptance, in spite of a capacity to positively influence patients’ personalities and sexual sensibilities through marginal intrusion. For this contribution alone it ought to be ascribed a more prominent role in aesthetic surgery. At first glance a simple procedure, successful penis enlargement surgery is nonetheless dependent (as is so often the case) on attention to detail and extensive practical experience. For although experienced soft tissue surgeons invariably produce satisfactory results, all too often this eludes those lacking practice. Owning to the vast experience of our doctors the operation does not require hospitalization of the patient. This means that the patient can return home the same day of the operation and resume his normal daily activities after 2 days and sexual activities after 4 weeks.

Summary of our work:
  • More than 6,000 cases treated to date
  • Leaders in surgical techniques
  • Lengthening between 3-6 cm
  • Girth enhancement between 2-3 cm
  • Glans enlargement between 30–50%
  • Out-patients, low-risk operation
  • Invisible scars

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