Induratio Penis Plastica


Induratio Penis Plastica or Peyronie’s disease results in curvature of the penis, which mostly afflicts middle-aged men between 40-60 years of age. However, it can also occur in younger men and around 10% of all men become afflicted by the disease. In diabetic men the prevalence of the disease increases significantly. IPP is associated with three main effects:
  1. During an erection, the affected area of the penis cannot expand fully – while the healthy tissue can – producing a curvature of up to 90° and shortening of the affected side. If an erection can be produced and maintained, it causes considerable pain in the disfigured tissue due to the strain generated.
  2. In later stages of the disease IPP can also lead to erectile dysfunction.
  3. If the curvature is pronounced, an aneurysm, or lump, may develop in the opposite corpus – which can also make erections problematic. In very rare cases, turbulence can cause blood-clots with the capacity to block veins. Using micro-surgery, we remove the IPP plaque along with its accompanying scar tissue to re-establish the original status quo before the onset of the disease. We subsequently reconstruct the affected corpus cavernosum using non-artificial materials (usually high-quality collagen fleece).

Based on our extensive experience and basic logic, this treatment offers the only sensible technique capable of dealing with the vast majority of cases. It results in no shortening or visible scars to the penis, while in the case of circumcised men the actual scar is in the same place as the scar from the circumcision – meaning it is hidden. Very few specialists have the necessary experience to perform successfully this type of surgery and we consult the readers to always seek evidence of the surgeon experience.

Owning to the vast experience of our doctors the operation does not require hospitalization of the patient. This means that the patient can return home the same day of the operation and resume his normal daily activities after 2 days and sexual activities after 4 weeks.

Summary of our work:

  • More than 3,000 surgeries performed to date
  • Market leader in operating techniques
  • No shortening of the penis
  • Operations invariably as out-patient
  • Over 90% of success rate
  • Specialist experience of difficult cases (with pronounced curvature)
  • Removal of plaques beneath the penis glans and/or between the corpora cavernosa
  • Corrective surgery for failed operations conducted using the Nesbit or Essed-Schröder techniques

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