Hypospadias is a congenital malformation of the urethra’s course. It often occurs in conjunction with a penis curvature and malformation of the foreskin. Depending on the severity of the condition, the urethra ends somewhere along the underside of the penis (hypo = beneath) instead of at its tip. The urethra’s opening (meatus) and/or tube may also frequently be narrowed. Urinating is made difficult and/or abnormal. Moreover, the penis often appears unaesthetic due to a significant curvature or shortening. Hypospadias develops in the uterus as a result of hormone imbalance, although the precise cause remains unknown. Instances of recurrence within families have been noted.

As with the majority of congenital deformities, hypospadias often occurs concurrently with other bodily deformities. Severe cases require further clarification of these aspects. To-date, surgery offers the only form of effective treatment, regardless of the case’s severity.

Summary of our work:

  • Over 2.000 patients treated to date
  • Leading surgical techniques, individually tailored
  • Special focus on aesthetics qualities, in particular in regard to patients’ adulthood
  • Focus on straightening
  • Low rate of stenosis
  • Proven outstanding expertise with difficult cases, and in rectifying mistakes made by others during previous operations
  • Treatment frequently possible as an out-patient

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