Epispadias often occurs hand-in-hand with other deformities of the urogenital tract. Treatment of this rather rare condition aims to establish normal functioning and an aesthetic appearance.

Modern surgical procedures offer substantial improvements over traditional techniques. Firstly, where possible they can spare patients the need to undergo several operations and secondly, help to achieve optimum aesthetic results. For example, it is possible to construct a urethra and reconstruct a functioning bladder neck in one surgical procedure.

Detailed planning of the treatment depends on a variety of factors: the extent of the epispadias, the volume and location of the existing bladder, incontinence, the size of the penis and several others.

The individual nature of epispadias necessitates that the surgeon has significant experience in this surgery and general experience in uro-genital reconstructive operations. As a leading institute in this field we can assure our patients that our surgeons have both.

The aim of our treatment is to create an aesthetic appearance, normal genital functions and continence, as well as protect a patient’s reproductive capacity.

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