Curvature of the penis


The penis contains three ‘corpora’ – sponge-like columns of erectile tissue – that fill with blood during an erection, making them expand and become hard. Viewed from above, a corpora cavernosum stretches along each side of the penis, the third, which also includes the glans penis, is situated below and between them. If one corpus or section is shorter than the others, it causes the penis to curve towards the shortened side.

There are two types of congenital penis curvature: it is either present at birth or develops during puberty (so-called atrophy of the penis’ erectile tissue), i.e. during puberty the separate erectile tissues grow to differing lengths. There are a number of techniques for treating congenital curvature but we only employ the best and most advanced, which involves reconstructing the affected corpora cavernosa with non-artificial materials. As opposed to other techniques this results to no shortening or visible scars to the penis.

Owing to the degree of difficulty involved, this technique can only be successfully implemented by a very few clinics worldwide.

Owning to the vast experience of our doctors the operation does not require hospitalization of the patient. This means that the patient can return home the same day of the operation and resume his normal daily activities after 2 days and sexual activities after 4 weeks.

Summary of our work:

  • More than 2,000 cases treated to date
  • Leaders in surgical techniques
  • No shortening of the penis using our techniques
  • Often available as an out-patient operation
  • Our success rate is higher than 90%
  • Extensive experience in treating difficult cases and providing corrective surgery for previous operations.

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