Our Doctors

Our team of Andrological experts are considered the best in their field worldwide and have performed over 10,000 successful operations, treating over 30,000 patients from across the globe.

Our medical professionals are true pioneers of male health, playing major roles in the development and advancement of urogenital medical science, operation techniques and andrological solutions.
With expertise and experience, our specialists are leading the way in the treatment of male health and well-being.

Dr. Petros Drettas

Expertise in Prosthetic and Surgical Urology

Dr Drettas has seen more than 1500 male patients per year and performed more than 300 complex uro-genital operations. Dr. Petros Drettas graduated from the University of Athens in 1995. He completed his Urology Specialty in the Urology Clinic of the Red Cross General Hospital in Athens in 2002.

Dr. Christos Fliatouras

Specialist in male Sub-fertility, Prosthetic and Surgical Urology

Dr. Christos Fliatouras graduated from the Medical School of the University of L’ Aquila-Italy in 2004. He completed his Urology Specialty in the Urology Clinic of the Saint Savvas Anticancer Hospital in Athens in 2013. His research interests are related tio conditions such as erectile dysfunction, male subfertility and prosthetic and surgical urology.


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